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Model/Subject's Name:: Alanisa Fair

AGE:: 20

FB:: Alanisa Fair

IG:: alaniisafaiir_

Models Location:: York pa

Shoot Location:: Harrisburg pa

Photographer's Name:: Craig Billman

FB:: Craig Billman

IG:: Billmanphotgraphy

Makeup Artist Name:: Alanisa Fair

FB:: Alanisa Fair

IG:: alaniisafaiir

1· Tell me a little about yourself, where are you from and what type of person are you mentally?: I’m form york Pa, i enjoy sports and reading . I am a CNA fulltime and currently going for my CNA.

2· When did you started Modeling and what were the challenges you had to overcome?: Some things i had over come was being more open about suggestions and personalities. As well i also over cane meeting more people and being outgoing. One thing with modeling i have learned that facial expressions mean a lot.

3· Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera, or did you have any insecurity issues?: At first i had insecurity issues, after i shot more implied nude and nude i have been more open with myself and haven’t had any problems to shoot.

4· When you started modeling did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?: One person who really helped me was James Wayne, a photographer i had worked with multiple times. James was the second photographer i worked with when i first started modeling. At that time i was modeling for fun and now i am multi published.

5·What’s your first photo shoot and what was the experience like?: My first real photo shoot was with James Wayne before that i was a friend from college named Steve James. These two experiences were good i was shy at first and needed help with posing but after i got the hang of it i became to do it naturally.

6· Have you ever had a WTF moment at a shoot?: Yes, one time i was at a shoot out and was working with a photographer and the photographer kept having to change his batteries and wasn’t prepped for anything and for the most of the time i was waiting on the photographer and finally about 40 minuets went by and he said he couldn’t get his camera too work.

7· Tell us something about yourself that people don’t know.: A lot of people do know that i use to be very insecure about my body and i was always shy and i would not like to meet new people.

8· What is your biggest turn on and turn off about men: My biggest turn on about men is when they have their life together and they take care of their responsibilities. My biggest turn off is when they think they can do whatever they want and act better than everyone else.

9· Can you see yourself dating someone in the industry or can a normal every day guy have a chance to be with you?: I personally could not see myself dating someone in the indurstry, i actually have a boyfriend right now as a normal every day guy and i would prefer that over someone in the industry. I tried before to date in the industry and it never worked out.

10· Do you have any tips for aspiring models in this industry?: Tips i would would be to work with others and always ask questions if you have them, some models with more experience or even photographers are a great help and you could always use their advice.

Ryan Paul