Jenna Kitti

Beach & Tatoo's

Name:   Jenna Kitti

Age:  25

Location:  Los Angeles


Photographer: Mariah Krause


Makeup: NA

Artist: me (Jenna Kitti) 

1.What inspired you to get into this industry?

 No one  actually it kind of just happened. A friend i had from back in the day told her photographer she was shooting at the time about me and it just kind of happened. 


2. How long have you been modeling?

I've been modeling for about 8 to 9 years and i was "sitemodeling" on myspace when i was an scene/emo kid back in the mid 2000s haha


3. Who is your favorite model? 

my favorites would be Sara Fabel, Monami Frost and Sabina Kelley. 


4. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

Shockingly no! i was and still am insecure but when i model i feel more confident and happy when the finishing photos are done!


5. When you started did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guided you

i actually had a photographer tell me just to start playing with my hair and start doing things with my hands and look comfortable. 


6. Do you have any tips for

aspiring models in the industry?

I  think the best advice to aspiring models is to not cave in into anything you have a bad vibe and feel uncomfortable about. Always be yourself and be unique and original. 


7. Have you ever had a WTF moment at a shoot?

OMG too many to count. 


8. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modeling?

My biggest revelation would probably be comfortable in my own skin and also posing because it shows awkwardly in the photos haha, 


9. Tell us something about yourself that people don’t know.

I enjoy doing impressions of video game characters and cartoon characters.  Also, i'm a huge Pokemon nerd. I can nerd out and talk about Pokemon all day. 


10. What about yourself you are most proud of? 

Honestly when i get published into magazines i feel really good about myself and proud because it shows i was wanted and its not very often you get into magazines and have the opportunity to happen to you 


11. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

HAHA i have no idea. I guess the Hot Topic tattoos girl haha. 


12. Tell me a place that you absolutely must visit before you leave this world?

 Id love to go back to Japan again and go to New Zealand because i have family from both places. 

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