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Michelle Ritchie


Name: Michelle Ritchie

Age: 21

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 



Photographer: Marek Blachowsk


Makeup Artist:

Hair Stylist: 


1. What inspired you to get into this industry? 

Well, since I was a little girl I watched every fashion show I saw on TV. All girls were so pretty and perfect and my dream was to become part of that world. My biggest inspiration was Tyra Banks and her reality show America's Next Top Model. This show gave me hope. Because no matter who you are or where you came from, you're beautiful in your unique kind of way. And if you work hard you can make you're dreams come true.


2. How long have you been modeling?

I did some photo shoots when I was 18 but back in that time I thought I'm not good enough because I'm not like the other girls, so I stopped. Last December one photographer saw me in some group on Facebook and asked me if I'd like to try some photo shoot with him and I was like "why not?". It's been a 9 months since I officially started and I've never been happier.


3. Who is your favorite model? 

Tyra Banks. That's why I mentioned her in the first question.


4. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

Not at all. I used to be really shy and I hated me body. During my first erotic/nude shooting I had to drink a bottle of wine to calm down and relax cause I was really nervous.


5. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?


No. But now I can say that my mentor is my boyfriend. He used to be a model for couple years so he's giving me advice and helps me to get better


6. Do you have any tips for aspiring models in the industry?

Don't let anyone to force you to do something you don't like. Work hard on yourself. Try to be better than yesterday. And don't trust modern society. Just have fun and be yourself.


7. Do you have a WTF moment at a shoot?

Not yet. But there were some funny moments. The point is to have fun and enjoy what you do.


8. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modelling?

It's not as easy as you think. People may say that it's just shooting. But it's much more than this. You have to focus. Your body, face, expressions - everything must be perfect. I sometimes work whole day, but we're keep changing locations. It's a hard work. But definitely worth it.


9. Tell us something random about yourself.

I'm nerd and also geek. In the elementary school and high school a used to be that smart girl who helped other kids with homework and giving them correct answers when we had exams. 

And my geek side? I'm in many fandom. I'm potter head, I went to Half Blood camp with Percy Jackson, I saw the universe with Doctor and his Tardis. I'm in love with a fictional world.

10. What are you most proud of?

I never gave up. No matter what happened or how hard my life was, I never stop trying. And I guess I'm different and stronger now. 


11. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

I don't know. I just hope that one day my mom will be proud of me. That's my goal. 


 12. Tell me a place that you absolutely must visit before you leave this world?

New Zealand. That's my main dream.

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