Over the years we've heard all sorts of things when it comes to women and how to please them, from giving her money, to jewelry and even just everything you have #theworld.

But after years of listening to people's thoughts and even experiencing a lot of things on my own. I've come to realize that women themselves don't even know what they truly want from a man or out of a relationship/with a man. Before you judge me let me explain what I mean.

Lets take this for example we have Dick and Jane, A couple who has been together for over five years. When they first started dating Dick was a very hard working and independent guy who's only weakness was a woman with a pretty face and even a more gorgeous body.

And Jane was a young woman in the very peak of her beauty or what I call (in ripping form) she had no job still lived with her parents and no official job skills other than looking pretty.


 Jane was a young woman in the very peak of her beauty or what I call (in ripping form)

Write here...

When these two individuals meet it was a furnace form the start, 28 year old Dick couldn't take his eyes off this beautiful specimen and only dreamed about having a life full of passionate love making but mostly aggressive sex with this woman. He even often visualized having her glory factory sit on his face on a daily basis, that's how much he wanted her. And Jane was a 24 year old goddess that was patiently created by the creator who's sole purpose was not only to draw the eyes of men but also steal their hearts, and she did that to perfection with Dick and they both fell in love with each other.


He even often visualized having her glory factory sit on his face on a daily basis

The two got married and started a life together sharing everything with each other through the good, bad and ugly they stayed strong, Dick still had a healthy income coming in and Jane was doing what she did best and that's showering him everyday with that blessed golden pussy.

She always had plans to live a comfortable life as she always use to tell her friends and family, a life with someone who loved and cherished the dirt that she walked on and she found that in Dick and if there's anyone who was more happy for him than I was, that person is dead.

Then came the crisis, the economy eventually went south and companies started to retrench workers in efforts to keep afloat throughout that period and Dick got erected, sorry I meant rejected by the company. Lets just say he got fired.

Thinking about how he's going to break the news to his wife, his queen, his everything that he got fired and they no longer has an income. A bit worried about what this could do to his marriage but at the same time holding faith that Jane married him because she loved him and that what he has or don't have is not an issue. While breaking the horrible news to his wife he can see the unbelief on her face but there was something else that he saw in her eyes and that was hate. He thought to himself this can't be what i'm seeing here this woman loves me and so he played it off.

After the first week of unemployment Dick began to feel less of a man because all of his adulthood he's been working and this cross road is very new to him and his walking voluptuous goddess certainly wasn't making things any easier by not being his strength and companion in this time of need, shit! she wasn't even giving him a chance to smell her ass much less to get some of that good pussy.


but there was something else that he saw in her eyes and that was hate.

Months went by and still no income. The savings are running low from his wife constant spending. Depressed and broken, he decided to have a talk with his wife about the spending and that she should try to find a way to help out with the financial situation they are facing, he recommended that she try to find a job. WELL WHO TOLD HIM TO SAY THAT! All hell broke out and that very goddess turned into the devil in a blink of an eye. She said to him "when you meet me I wasn't working and you told me that I don't have to work, all I need to do is just be there for you and fuck you right". then she continued to say "the reason I excepted your proposal is because I thought this day will never come".

Heart broken and devastated he still tried to reason with her, he said "I also remembered you telling me that you just want someone who loves you for you and who will do anything to make you happy and always make you feel like his number one, and that's what you are to me up to this day". She looked at him from the corner of her eyes and then walked off.

The very next day completely ignoring the conversation she had with her husband, Jane went shopping and then to the gym where she has a friend who gives her all the attention that she craves. He wasn't a rich guy and he wasn't a poor guy either, as he swooped in to have his usual conversations telling her how much he likes her and really want a chance to be with her and that her husband is no good for her. Normally she would just laugh and play him off but this time she didn't, instead she gave him the you can get this pussy look and that was all he wanted.

this time she didn't, instead she gave him the you can get this pussy LOOK

Time passed with struggling Dick desperately trying to find a job to save his marriage as his lovely Jane did what she do best. Finally a call from his old job offering him a higher position than what he had before he was retrench, happy as a mudda fuckka can be but still had the sense of mind to first attend the interview the next day and secure the job before telling his wife Jane. Not knowing what's transpiring with her husband and the good news he got, she was fighting a battle in her own mind and body knowing that she cheated on her husband and another man has fertilized her eggs. How long can I hide this for? she's thinking, cause I haven't given Dick any Pussy in months. Frighten and confused Jane decided to leave Dick a letter and literally leave him to be with the her gym guy who impregnated her.

When she showed up to the gym guy's house she was quickly turned back by him as he had a wife and had no intention whatsoever in leaving her. Feeling used distorted and broken, Jade went back home with her luggage before Dick can get back, as he walked through the door he snatched her and told her what had happened and that got a better position on his old job and that all is well. He also apologized for ever asking her to get a job and vowed that will never happen again just love me like you use to. Feeling horrible for what she had done she finds it hard to smile and share the moment with her husband, confused as what to do with the three month old seed that's growing inside her, she confessed to him that she had cheated on him and was willing to leave and find her own way.

Dick was ripped apart by the news that someone else was eating his food and not just ate his food but also bred his prize and treasure, he stormed out of the house angry and feeling ashamed and again less of a man.


confused as what to do with the three month old seed that's growing inside her she confessed to him that she had cheated on him


Jane thinking to herself that her life is in danger

Jane thinking to herself that her life is in danger because she knows how much he worships her and that this is something that can make any man snap, with only the suitcases she had already packed for the second time that day she left the house that she called home for over five years.

There’s so many mistakes we make as humans and many of them can be avoided if we just look at the bigger picture and realize that not everything that glitter is gold and just because we may want something doesn't mean that it’s for us.
Some women are fortunate enough to have someone who truly loves and appreciate them, but somehow it’s never enough and to get what they want they will take what they believe to be the necessary risk, knowing that they may very well loss everything..
So this brings me back to my question, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT WOMEN WANT?